Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble, gobble! Happy Thanksgiving

Guys! I have been so busy these past couple of months and didn't have the time to even update this blog. Anyhow, it's Thanksgiving break/holiday and I thought I'd revisit this blog.

Thanksgiving here in the US is a big deal. This is even bigger than Christmas or New Year. A lot of people travel back to their hometown or to the states where they grew up to be with their families and friends. Thanksgiving is also synonymous with turkeys and cranberry sauce and stuffing. This is one holiday that almost everyone eat like there's no other day. This is also the time where most of American love to shopping. Yes, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving day.

But the real meaning of this holiday is actually to give thanks to whatever good or bad things we received the past year. I myself have a lot of stuff to be grateful for. The biggest thing that I am grateful for is the support that I get for my meds. Without my meds, I might not be writing this blog anymore. Thankful for waking up everyday and seeing the sun rays enter my window blinds.

On a lighter note, since this is sort of an update. I just would like to mention again two internet sites that I closely watch and they are slowly growing: The No Day But Today Project and The Love Yourself Project. Please support these two groups in anyway you can. They aim to create awareness of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines. So I beg to my 6 followers to spread the word.