Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor the Legend

Liz Taylor as known in the industry, died at 79. She is a fierce supporter of gay rights and HIV/AIDS charities. She is a legend. She's one of the most beautiful women of the world. She brought classic hollywood glamour to her time, something that isn't there today anymore. She will forever be the one, the only Elizabeth Taylor.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So What is Grindr?

When I learned about Grindr it was only available on iPod Touch/iPhone, now it is available on different platforms. Recently Android released it, currently RIM Blackberry is having it on beta testing. So what is really Grindr. Well it is a gay hook up site. Yes, it is where men who likes to have sex with men start their search for a potential sex partner. Sorry to be very straightforward but that is the truth. In Grindr's information advert, it say GPS blah blah trying to loop around the sex thing, but it all boils down to a hook up site. Technically, Grindr uses GPS or cellular site position to locate the possible sex mate in the vicinity of the user. It triangulates those position and gives off the approximate location of the user or the one looking for a hook up. Now sometimes, the approximate distance of how far the user is from his potential mate depends on the number of GPS or cell site available. Of course the more GPS/cell site, the more.accurate the location. So what's inside Grindr. Lots of semi-naked men. Showing their pecs or six-pack abs. Most of the men are headless, few men show their faces, some are old, some are not even 18! Oh yeah, Grindr has a policy too that you can't have a butt shot even when you're wearing a clothes but you can post an almost naked picture. Ironic. Any chance of hooking up on this site, Yes and No. Yes, maybe hook up with a troll who hides behind a picture of a model's torso. And No, just some of the men are picky even though they don't look good themselves. Warning: there is no way to know if the person is HIV positive or negative. Hook up at your own risk. But you can always practice safe sex.

First test blog from my phone

I have been trying to look for a way to blog from my phone. Blogger doesn't have an app yet (not that I know off) for Blackberry but I know Wordpress have one. Anyhow, I'm testing it right now, if the mail-to-blogger will work. The only downside to this that I can think of right now is that you have to open your email client from your Blackberry, which I'd rather want to use an app instead of my email. So we'll see right now if this will post including the picture attachement. I also wanted to see how this will look like in the actual blog. Good luck to me.