Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trivial Pursuit.....some facts.

Just a few notes for some people very important to me...yung mga nagcocomment sa blog ko. Thank you so much for all the encouraging words na pinopost nyo. I am happy that in some ways, this blog helps to educate people. I would like to answer your questions in this particular post. Minsan kse sa sobrang work, I lost track of the people who ask me questions kaya iisahin ko na lang to answer those which I can remember.

When you get into meds, and bumaba masyado ang count ng CD4 cells mo, then you get the AIDS na, but if you are way above the line, then you are just HIV+. If you get sick, it doesn't mean you can't go back to being healthy again. Kaya lang iniiwasan magkasakit especially if you are HIV+ is because there could be complications and these complications could have fatal effect in your organs, and it could even cost your life. Yeah you are HIV+ but you died of pneumonia naman. So that's why people with HIV should always be in top shape. Pag nagkasakit ka, then you have to treat that sakit before going back to your normal routine like going to the gym or partying (but i dont recommend this). Make sure you dont have the ailment and then you can do your stuff again. Meds become part of your life. My doctor told me you have to be concious when to take it, if your medication time is 2am, you have to get up at 2am and drink your tabs.

So i guess this also answers the question that its not true na walang gamot for HIV/AIDS, my doctor said that 20 years from now, pwedeng may cure na for AIDS and HIV is almost equivalent na lang sa cancer. In fact mas fatal pa nga daw ang cancer. The mortality rate for cancer is even higher than the mortality rate of AIDS. You may not even die of HIV/AIDS nowadays, so ingat ako lagi sa pagtawid sa kalsada because that could possibly be a reason for an early death for me...LOL.

UPDATE: this march I will start my meds. I have a lot of lab tests to do before I could start on meds. The doctor wanted to have a baseline of where I am really in terms of infection. He will give me triplets. It's a concoction of three meds in one capsule. I dont know if my feeling is right but Im excited. Maybe because I really wanted to keep my self in top shape. I am healthy right now, in fact my doctor was surprised because coming from a very different place, a tropical country and coming to US with very different weather, di daw nagsusuffer ang health ko. In fact almost all the people who have been living here in the US nagkasakit na because of the really worst weather we are having now (because of Global Warming), ako hindi pa (knock on wood). And i am very thankful for that, aside from mahal ang magkasakit dito, I am sure im still in good shape considering I have a new boarder in my body.
I might have more interesting post in the future. Thanks for reading my blog.