Monday, February 11, 2008

after a long wait.....

I finally had the chance to see my doctor last week. The doctor was assigned to me by my case manager. My manager asked me if I wanted a female or male doctor, but no offense to female doctor, I chose a male doctor. You see, it's different talking to a male doctor instead of a female one, especially if you're talking about sex, and not just straight sex but gay sex. I had my shares of misadventures with the female species before, although two of my best friends are female but they are one-of-a-kind. One I could not forget was from my former officemate, we were talking one day about relationships and out of nowhere, she was lashing out gay men and telling me, "kayong mga bading salot sa ming mga babae". Duh?!? Even she was joking about it, I really really was offended by her remark and from then on I choose the stuff that I discussed with her. Now, I heard she had a bad incident with another gay employee in the office and worse was this gay employee was taking his rebuttal to the big boss.

Anyway back to my visit to the doctor, I had a very informative talk with him. He just again strengthen my belief that I could still live a normal life and do what normal people or gay people would do. He even told me that I could have sex again after he gives me a "clean bill of health" which just mean that he was able to establish my baseline viral load and CD4 cells count. Next plan is I will have my blood drawn again before I start on pills. He said he will give me a single capsule with three medicines in it. It's called the triplet, a concoction of three medicines in one. He warned me already that if I misses dosage in my other meds, then this shouldn't happen with the triplets. I should really follow the time religiously. After hearing that, I remember the RENT musical, and they have a scene there where everybody's beeper sounded all at the same time, and it just signals the characters that they need to pop a pill. I dont think Ill have one of those gadgets, it might just catch attention.

I also met the nurse assigned to me and she was a lovely old lady. She helped me thru the pre-exam preparation and she told me that the doctor who's coming to check me is one of the best in US right now. I am really lucky to be here, best doctor in the US for free to treat me. Yeah unfortunately of HIV/AIDS. Sigh. But yeah, I guess there's a purpose why I am here now.
Gotto leave you guys for now, Ill keep this blog as updated as it can be but I also have to work to make a living. So just check from time to time. By the way, the good news is with the meds now, I have 20-30 more years to live and by the time I reach 60, with the advancement happening, I'd get another 20 years. That's the good news!