Friday, July 15, 2011

The Love Yourself Project

Recently advocacy group started popping up in the Philippines. This is in response to the alarming increase of HIV/AIDS related deaths that has been happening recently. I another advocacy group several months ago in this blog, now I would like to introduce you to The Love Yourself Project. In brief, according to their website, "their aim is to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth and the Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) sector in the Philippines, primarily through education and counseling. It is the first project by the VINN Advocacy group."

The group was formed by Ronivin (Vinn) Garcia Pagtakhan and his close friends who were concerned by the increasing demand and queries by LGBT-MSM. The core group were all professionals, most of them are registered nurses or in the medical field and one life coach.

So if any of you reading this blog and would want to get involved with this group, you can contact them directly via email at and you can also like their facebook page here.

Let us support all these advocacy groups, the only way we can create awareness about HIV/AIDS is thru education and these advocacy groups are in the forefront of these campaigns.