Thursday, March 6, 2008

I love my "Family"

I was talking to my sister one night in the instant messenger. We were kinda catching up of what's happening to her. She said she was dating someone and that she really really like this person but there is one catch. This person is also poz. At that moment I felt cold and numb. So I started to educate her about HIV and I was pretty sure at that very moment she was wondering why I knew some facts about HIV, but she didn't ask. We just continued on talking, telling her that HIV isn't bad that she could still live a normal life even if the person has the virus. They could still even have sex if that's what they want to do. And so the conversation went on until, I couldn't any longer keep my secret. I was thinking at that time that maybe this is the sign for me to open up my situation to my "family". So I told her. At first she wasn't really taking me seriously, but I told her that it's true and then started the story behind why I knew I had the virus. She was very supportive, I asked her to call my other sisters and so that I could tell them and they were also very supportive. Of course, there's the worry about how I was doing here now that I have this, or if Im feeling ok. I told them that nothing has changed in me, except for my lifestyle. On their part, they told me that nothing has changed, I am still their sister that they knew, that they love so much and that they're always there whenever the time comes for me to go....drama!

Sya mga lola!! tama na nga! See you next post!