Saturday, December 15, 2007

White Christmas....

My very first white christmas here in the US. I've experienced several winter storm na. Kakaiba sya. Tonight we are expecting more than 8 inches of snow. Imagine nag park lang ako for 15 minutes sa Walmart and when I got back sa kotse, covered with snow na ang kotse ko. I had to dust off the windshield and the rear. Its a good thing that its not an icy rain or wintry mix kse mahirap tanggalin. Snow lang sya na loose and fluffy.

Anyways, I had my blood drawn the other day. They will test it for T-cell count. If I have enough T-cell count daw then I wouldn't need to undergo a medication therapy in which several concoctions of medicine ang iinumin ko. Sabi ng doctor sometimes T-cell plumets down at the onset of HIV infection but then bounced back naman to the normal T-cell counts. Its like getting shocked by the virus namumutla ang mga T-cells sa pag invade ni HIV pero pag nandyan na, napapakisamahan na kaya back to normal ang count. In this case the patient daw should be well and healthy. I am hoping that my T-cells are high enough so that I wouldn't undergo too many medications. Next few weeks i will know if Im ok or I have to undergo na a medication therapy.

Im enjoying myself. Finally i survived the first half year ko dito sa US. Although nilalamig ako dito Im happy to be here. Met new friends, formed new barkadas.