Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Living my Life...with my boarder.

I stopped sulking and getting depressed about the news. Yeah, that's right, the only way to forget things is to live your life to the fullest. And when I say living my life, means Im enjoying it the wholesome way. Having this boarder in my body isn't fun, but I am telling you permanent boarder na sya. Kailangan mo lang syang disiplinahin para it wont take control of your body. Now part of this discipline is having fun in a wholesome way.

I haven't written for the past two days i guess, this is because I am keeping myself busy and therefore taking away my thoughts of my current situation. So what did I do in the past two days, like what I implied in my earlier blogs, Ive still got a job and there's no time to waste. In fact I make every moment in my job memorable. Small things na ginagawa ko, I make sure I give my best to it. That's how I will be remembered by my co-workers. Making spectacular things out of nothing. Right now, I am so motivated in my job that Im always giving my best now. Meron palang positive side ang pagiging positive (no pun intended).

I spend my time with my fellow co-workers. Just tonight, we went out and had our sushi night. I enjoyed the company of my co-workers now. Before kse I dont go out with them because I dont think they're fun to be with. Kala ko kse mga boring silang kasama but I was sooooo wrong. I hope I'm not too late enjoying moments with them. I would definitely go out with them again.

Yesterday, I finally was able to talk to a counselor, I think that made a big difference in my outlook. It helped me a lot to have someone to talk to who is really dedicated in helping you go through the process of accepting the truth. Yeah, long process daw ang pagdadaanan ko and they're there to support me. I am lucky that I am here in the US because all out ang support nila sa mga HIV positive. This thursday will be our first meeting and I am just excited that I would be able to pour all my feelings, my thoughts, my worries, my questions to my counselor. She is an expert in this part of the game and I know this would make a lot of difference than just knowing that you have the virus.

To end my blog today, just would like to thank all those people who read my blog and commented on my blog. I dont know you that well yet but hopefully I'll get to know you more as you go thru with me in my journey. Thank you all.

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